New projects

I have just completed a new work experimenting with textiles and stitching. Continuing on from my large textile work part of my installation at the North Sydney Art Prize, 2022, at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, ‘Shrine to Aqueous Depths’, I have been sewing a collage of textiles that I created on a recent artists trip to the Blue Mountains.

‘Shrine to Aqueous Depths’ North Sydney Art Prize, 2022
Detail of the textile work, ‘Shrine to Aqueous Depths’, North Sydney Art Prize, 2022

Inspired by the Meroogal House, a Historic Houses property in Nowra, NSW, and created for the Meroogal Art Prize, 2022, the work is inspired by this historical setting. Hand stitched fabric echoes generations of women within this house, repairing and mending over time, acknowledging the essence of making do, using whats at hand, and a love of fabric and the domestic sphere. The work can be showen either side, both sides revealing a traditionally concealed back, where stitching becomes unleashed from a pragmatic functionality to an abstracted contemporary drawing, with exposed cuttings and embellished with sequins. It is a commemoration to the simplicity of the everyday. 150 x 150 cm, Fabric, stitching, sequins and beads, 2022.