LOST, Leichhardt Open Studio Trail 2014


The following weekend I got around to some of the studios at Leichhardt’s Open Studio Trial.


The first studio I went to was the painter, Neil Frazer, who shows at Martin Browne Contemporary Gallery here in Sydney. He had a very cute black pug dog modeling on the artistically paint splattered floor.

IMG_1791 IMG_1799 IMG_1796 IMG_1795IMG_1793

Neil Frazer has a great space, a lovely white box, reminiscent of a gallery space, so you can clearly see the work in progress. The paintings are predominantly landscapes, loosely based on trips to regional areas in Australia and NZ, and Neil is particularly attracted to places with rugged physical aspect.


IMG_1807 IMG_1808 IMG_1811 IMG_1819IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1815 IMG_1816

Another interesting space was Pseudo Space, and Mulit Arts cross disciplinary experimental house gallery which encourages artists to to exhibit new works. There was a classic share house kitchen, with bottles lined up and help yourself by donation to drink and snacks, and out the back was a group conference/event in action, on the terrace lawn complete with dogs and milk crates.


IMG_1827 IMG_1824 IMG_1826 IMG_1830 IMG_1823 IMG_1829IMG_1828

The photographer Jenny Rix has a lovely studio space, with artful alcoves made by fabric hung in banners along the corridor to display her photographic works. There was a lovely alcove of paper cut out figures, and tranquil courtyard with a low lying fountain, and paper mache bowls created by Mina Rix.


IMG_1839 IMG_1841 IMG_1843

La Fabrique, the studio of Peter Griffen and Denise Lithgow, a live in converted warehouse space, 30 x 10 meters, allowing both an open plan living and studio space. The entrance had a little tea corner with views the communal street.


IMG_1803 IMG_1804

Redlips Studio Gallery has a flourish of red velvet curtains and fun hand painted chairs.

IMG_1845 IMG_1847

The last space, Zen Garage, is a community space for people passionate about automotive culture. Its within a studio complex, and right next to an interesting timber yard.

IMG_1801 IMG_1802

There is also art in the street, a passionate display on the porch of a Leichhardt terrace.

Second Installment, Marrickville Open Studio Trail


This is the second installment for the Marrickville Open day! Featuring more studios and artist spaces.


SNO Contemporary Art Projects, (28 on map), an artists run initiative providing a platform for established and emerging artists. SNO exhibits a wide variety of non-objective art, concrete and abstract art. A video installation work in the front gallery space, and artist studios behind, in a large industrial building, one of the advantages of Marrickville!


Tortuga Studios (11 on map), “Eclectic, irreverent and deliciously subversive”, studio to 17 artists in an urban warehouse space in St Peters. Kooky subterranean studios and dens.

IMG_1857 IMG_1858 IMG_1860 IMG_1862 IMG_1861 IMG_1859

May Street Studios (9 on map) A large studio complex in St Peters, with a myriad of corridors and artists cubbies!

IMG_1880IMG_1863 IMG_1864 IMG_1865 IMG_1867 IMG_1866 IMG_1869IMG_1868 IMG_1871IMG_1870

IMG_1872 IMG_1881

May’s Lane Art Project (10 on map), Street art and an outdoor gallery space at mary Lane, St Peters, always open!

IMG_1882 IMG_1884 IMG_1886

A great cafe around the corner from Mary Lane, continuing on with the graffiti theme, ‘Velvet Garage’, 3 Applebee Street, St Peters.