Christmas at Bathurst, country NSW


We spent Christmas at my husband’s family just out side of Bathurst, country NSW. There something about Christmas, that laconic passage of those few days, where time stands still in suburban homes throughout the country. There’s the BQ, table set, turkey, christmas pudding, TV, maybe lawn cricket, overeating and usually the blend of heat and cicadas.

IMG_0325 IMG_0329 IMG_0333IMG_0375 IMG_0338 IMG_0320 IMG_0359IMG_0321 IMG_0336 IMG_0316IMG_0358IMG_0352 IMG_0346IMG_0054

Home in the suburbs of Bathurst with the sound of lawnmowers, followed by silence, distant traffic and a suspended lassitude.


The home setting

IMG_1260 IMG_1263IMG_1262 IMG_1261 IMG_1258 IMG_1268IMG_1259 IMG_1266

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