The Hermannsburg Potters, Peter Pinson Gallery

A great exhibition of the ceramic works by the Hermannsburg Potters at Peter Pinson Gallery at Syndicate, Danks Street Galleries, 2 Danks Street, waterloo, Sydney. 12 November to 30th November 2013.

Peter Pinson represents the Hermannsburg Potters in Sydney. The Hermannsburg Potters are from the Western Arrernte community, 130 kilometers west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

“Pottery was first introduced to the Aboriginal artists of Hermannsburg in the 1960s by missionaries working with men from the community. These men, and subsequently both men and women artists, built on the tradition of Aranda (also called Arrernte) art that can be traced back to Albert Namatjira. Today, with continued help from their pottery trainer (a practising ceramicist and teacher) and the traditional owners of the region, a small group of mostly women produces unique and highly saleable works of ceramic art.These women (and the newer artists that have followed) use the introduced medium of clay to translate their cultural and artistic heritage. In a small pottery studio in the centre of the community the Hermannsburg Potters have forged their own unique type of ceramics.”


Judith Inkamala, ‘Albert (Namatjira), Rex (Battarbee) & Family. Painting Country’, 56 x 37 cm, 2011 (including detail)


Painting by Arthur Murch, ‘Hermannsburg Potter Judith Inkamala, nee Tebora’, 1964, oil on board, 60.5 x 60.5 cm

Arthur Murch vistited Hermannsburg in 1933 and again in 1964. On his 1933 visit he painted Veronica Tebora, on his return visit thirty-one years leter, he painted Veronica’s fifteen year old daughter Judith (above), five decades later, the young daughter Judith, enjoyed a national reputation as Hermannsburg potter Judith Inkamala. One her ceramics features bellow her portrait.

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