Open Garden at Glenmore House


Open Garden at Glenmore House

19th & 20th of October 2013

“Glenmore garden is not a manicured garden. It has come about through no grand design, instead, springing from romantic notion.”

The plantings evoke the memory of some far flung garden, country or person. Kitchen Gardening & Seasonal Cooking days take place at Glemore regularly throughout the year.

Almost 25 years ago, Larry and Mickey Robertson discovered a collection of dilapidated, early colonial vernacular farm buildings in the foothills of the Razorback Range near Camden.

Since then, the original farmhouse has been restored and extended. And the former cowshed, dairy, stable, hay shed, barn, store room and other outbuildings have been given new purpose. Step by step, all have been linked together by new fences, walls, paths, steps, hedges and gardens.

The result is a small, unique and charming country property nestled into a landscape of delightful rise and fall…on the very edge of Sydney.



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